Welcome Susan!!

celebrating our nephews wedding… we love a good party!

My sister in law, my friend.

Shortly after Tom and I were married in 1993, his sister and family left for a 20+ year career on the mission field – in several different countries – all on the other side of the planet. This was before social media and email was just entering the scene. This meant that I knew Susan from afar. I knew her through the stories Tom would share and the pictures I would see in their family newsletter. I enjoyed the moments we would have every several years at our family reunions and I never anticipated I would have much opportunity to know her on a deeper level. Until …. until God shook up both our worlds… putting us both in the heart of the US – just 4 hours apart. We have seen more of each other in the last 3 years than we had in the previous 20.

Susan has helped me discover some important aspects of my personality – not limited too but including- the ability to pose and pose well for the camera.

California 2017 – Where our posing selves were discovered

We have laughed and cried and processed things from Alexa to parenting. Sue is fantastic at making sure everyones needs are met and is always on the lookout for the underdog. She is a parent to my children when they want to detassel corn in Nebraska or when they chose to attend the college where she works. She is also the spark that started this campfires blog. It is her willingness to share this idea to collaborate that got this whole thing started. I know you will be blessed by her words and her wisdom. Welcome to the fire Susan… we’re so glad you’re here!!!

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