Don’t get too comfortable…

Its a beautiful, 75 degree day in central Missouri. My windows are open, the sun is shining. Some might call it…..


September on Sweet Sandia (our backyard that we LOVE)

After eating a somewhat healthy lunch, taking my dog for a walk, I sat down to do some work. I have a fairly gigantic business deadline at the end of the month.. it was time to focus.

Except I felt really sleepy. Or I did. Until I saw my niece Jaime post an invite to her home tomorrow evening…

For a campfire.

Its Open. All can attend. If you live close to her and you see this, I’m certain she would invite you in. It could be the best way you’ve ever spent a Friday night. I’m not kidding.

What made my heart BURST was reading the responses to her invitation.

” What a great idea! Wish we lived closer! – do you mind if I steal it?”

“Love this – Can I borrow this idea?”

“Let me check my schedule – I so want to be there!”

and on…

and on….

and on.

One of my nephews helping to host a fire tomorrow with Mom Jaime.

I was reminded of the power of the fire. The power of community. The reality that we ALL are starving for the real, toe to toe, knee to knee, marshmallow to marshmallow connection that happens when we rub a few sticks together , gather up some chairs and just sit.

In the glow..

and the beauty..

and the warmth…. of the flames and of the friendships.

I could write a book.. and I just may… about my Philosophies of Fire (PH)ire 🙂

BUT FOR NOW…….. I want to encourage, challenge, coax…. you to look at your weekend. Could you find some space to build a fire, gather some friends, to sit pause and listen? If the first people you ask say no, will you keep asking? Will you google directions on how to build a fire if you’ve never learned? Would you get a bit uncomfortable to start something new? If you’re invited to a fire … would you say YES?

Here’s to the weekend. Here’s to connection. Here’s to all reading this …..

Could it be that the spark of community in your neck of the woods is supposed to start…

with YOU?

The first of our Michigan backyard fires . Summer 2015

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