Welcome Gina!!

The Martens Family – They’re pretty fantastic:)

We met at a wedding in our early 20’s. I was dating a friend of hers from high school. This friend is now my husband. I met lots of his friends that day – all of which I never thought I would see again – including Gina. The wedding was held in a small town in Missouri – the home of his High School Alma Mater – a place I thought I would never see again. How happy I am that I was wrong on both counts.

When we moved to Concordia 3 years ago, Tom was excited that several of his high school friends were living here with their families. I always marveled at the relationships he had established in his 4 years at SPLHS – they were not just friends but family. Gina was one of those friends that had stayed and I am so very grateful.

Gina became one of my first friends upon our move to town. On most weeks we found a day where we would set aside time to walk and talk. Gina, who is also an accomplished runner, kept the pace brisk and the conversation interesting. We had each experienced a challenge season of parenting children with severe health issues and she became a safe place to process all that entails that type of situation. Gina has a quiet strength and a deep relationship with Jesus that makes you want to know him better when you are in her space. She is a light to all around her and intentionally points the students she teaches and the runners she coaches to the One who give us the strength we need.

I am so thankful that this busy mom, wife, teacher, coach, devotion writer, running enthusiast and friend as made a stop by the fire. The way you will feel when you read her post is how you would feel if you were actually sitting next to her at a fire – blessed. Welcome to the fire Gina… We’re so glad you’re here!!!

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