Welcome Molly!!

Molly, Zadok and Titus… and baby #3 on the way!

We knew we HAD to meet long before we ever did. It seemed that no less then 12,000 people knew both of us and all the things that would connect us… and we just HAD to meet. “Have you met Molly yet?” messaged a college friend on FB. “No – not yet, I promise I will reach out!.” “Ok – because you just HAVE to, you’re going to love her.” Another message from my sister in law in California , ” Have you connected with Molly yet – I’m friends with her parents – and she is really great – you HAVE to meet her!”

And the inquiries kept coming. Maybe not 12,000 but …

quite a few.

So who is Molly? and why did I need to meet her??

Molly Poppe is so many things .

Director of Christian Ed. Teacher. Runner. Wife to Nate ( our new grade school principal) and mom to Zadok and Titus and sweet baby number 3 on the way.

Warm, friendly, kind, welcoming. Loves teenagers and Jesus and introducing the 2.

I was drawn to Molly initially because her current life story looked so much like mine did 20 years ago. Young mom, new at the full time stay at home gig, married to a church worker. At their home in Colorado Molly had served as the Director of Christian Education and teacher while parenting her 2 littles. Her move to our town last summer gave her the opportunity to be full time stay at home mom. I made this exact same transition from the exact same career … one that was both rewarding and challenging and a whole bunch of other things. My heart loved Molly because even though I didn’t know HER, I could 100% relate to her season.

How blessed I’ve been since I FINALLY met Molly. We serve together to lead a weekly fellowship experience for our High School International Students and I fell in love with her writing as I enjoyed her poignant, truth filled facebook posts. I knew she had to be a guest at our fire.

SO ….. here she is! You get to FINALLY meet her! Welcome to the fire Molly… we’re so glad you’re here!

The Poppe Family – We just love them all!

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