Welcome Karla!!

The Hardies Family of 5

We knew OF each other in college. She was the smiling face at the front desk of the student center of our Alma Mater – Concordia University River Forest or CURF. Always happy and fun loving, I’m sure I would have loved her friendship during that season but our circles just did not over lap. I’m thankful that in God’s great orchestration of life – he put us in the same state, pursuing the same small business for a smidge of time. When Karla walks – sunshine follows. She is always the first to encourage and is generous in praise for anyone in her space. Her colleagues, her fifth grade students, her family are better people because she is in their lives… me included. She has a fantastic sock collection, is known to wear a Tu Tu to her classroom and she has a beautiful way of seeing God in the life around her. I love having friends in all stages of life and I also love the ones that are in the thick of what I am.. the ones that can look at you and you know… they get it. Thats Karla. We’ve each launched 2 children and are each 1 year away from an empty nest. When Karla writes I feel like she’s in my head and my heart…taking what Im feeling about this stage and putting words to them. I know you’re going to love her. Pull up a seat for a pause and a listen.

Welcome to the fire Karla… We’re so glad you’re here!!

Perfect teacher attire

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