Welcome Christa!!

She was 12 ish when I first met this amazing boy mom:) My husband and I had been married a week. We had just driven from our honeymoon in Michigan to the “meet a million ( or so it felt) of his family members” at the Lange Family reunion in Grand Lake, CO. What I didn’t know about our trip is that Tom wasn’t exactly sure where we were going. This was in the age of no cell phones or GPS. When we pulled into the parking lot of the lodge and saw Christa ( Tom’s cousin) and my niece Jaime Lange Brinkmann ( yes – one of our other story tellers at the fire) Tom was over joyed!!!! I thought it was because he was so excited to see Christa and Jaime ( how sweet) but it may also have been that he got his bride to the correct location:)

I have had the privilege of watching Christa grow up, marry and now parent 3 young boys. She resides in California so our interactions are limited to our every 3 year family reunion. I have learned her heart through her amazing story telling on her blog http://www.raisinglittleroyalty.com. She has graciously agreed to show up at our fire. Christa has the ability to recognize God’s wisdom and his goodness through everyday life and through the lives of her boys. Pull up a chair and a roasting stick – this California gal, with a love for running, Jesus and all things boys has something worth listening too.

Welcome to the fire… We’re glad you’re here!!!

Christa and the boys

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